Group Retreats

“Prayer is the encounter of God’s thirst and ours” St. Augustine

Pictured: Zion National Park (July 2020)

Jesus went up to the mountain to pray (many times!)

Jesus disconnected from the crowds, his disciples, and family because he needed to be alone with his Father. If he needed time alone, so do we!

Spiritual persons know the value and necessity of detaching from agendas, people, and mundane tasks in order to reconnect with God, ourselves, and find a deeper outlook on life!

A personalized group retreat provides the flexibility needed for busy adults to spend time with themselves and in God’s company despite the hussle and bussle of daily life.

We can guide a retreat just for your parish group, family unit or group of friends. Limited to 5 – 15 persons.

Let’s create a retreat for your group!

Step 1: Design your retreat

A missionary sister will video-chat with you to explore retreat themes, schedule, and spiritual interests. She will then develop a personalized retreat package for your group with Scripture passages, poems, songs, and activities.

Location for outdoor retreats can vary, suggested place is Granite Bay.

Step 2: Go on your retreat

The Missionary sister will guide the retreat from beginning to end.

Step 3: Explore retreat experience

Each retreat will end with an easy-going conversation to help retreatants explore their experience, challenges, questions, insights, and God’s calling.

Costs to consider:
  1. Free-will donation for the missionary sister’s support in creating your retreat program and spiritual guidance.
  2. Personal expenses, such as park entrance, food, etc.

Past group retreats:

On March 20, 2020, Sr. Karla led a group retreat for wives whose husbands serve as deacons in the Diocese of Sacramento.

The retreat was designed for this particular group of ladies and it was an amazing experience for all!

Consider such experience for your loved ones and community!

Design your Group Retreat today!

By clicking above, you will be directed to a google form. By answering a few questions, we can start a conversation as we develop a unique prayer program for you!