Overnight Retreats

“If you lost the taste for prayer, you will regain the desire for it by returning humbly to its practice” Saint Paul VI

Every busy adult needs “time out”!

The overnight retreat program has 3 parts:

PART I: Design

Meetings are through Zoom

Meet with a Missionary sister to create your personalized overnight retreat.

PART II: Retreat

Go on your retreat! Stay 1 night or an entire week, whatever works for you. The missionaries will give you material to guide you on your retreat.

PART III: Explore

Zoom or phone conversation

Have a spiritual conversation with one of the missionaries during or after your retreat. Explore your spiritual questions, struggles, and insights!

Designing a personalized retreat takes 2 simple steps!

Costs to consider:
1. Free-will donation:
  • Please consider a free-will donation to the Verbum Dei Missionaries for their assistance in creating your retreat program and offering spiritual guidance.
2. Reservations
  • Food and lodging are the retreatants’ responsibility. Please know that the price you pay will vary on your comfort level and location.
  • It does not need to be expensive, for example, if you choose to stay local, reserving a campground can be $28 a night at Beal’s Point located on Folsom Lake. The Missionary sisters will provide a few suggestions!
Let’s start planning your 2021 Overnight Retreat!

By clicking above, you will be directed to a google form. By answering those simple questions, we can start a conversation as we develop a unique prayer program for you!



Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera, VDMF