Outdoor Retreats

(Psalm 46:10)

“Be still and know I am God …”

Pic taken by Sr. K at Lake Almanor, CA

A new response to our pandemic lifestyle!

Welcome to this exciting project which we have called “Meditation Pod.” The name summarizes our simple intention: Meditation = active rediscovery of God’s presence, friendship, & love. Pod = the outdoors.

We created offline retreat programs to break the online fatigue most working adults are experiencing. With retreat centers closed, the outdoors is an ideal location for prayer!

Offline & Outdoor Retreat Programs:

1) Monthly Morning Meditation

Once a month, join our socially distant group reflection @ Granite Bay State Park from 9am – 11:30am. Led by Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera, VDMF.

Pictured: On retreat at 9,800′ elevation in Utah (June 2020) – taken by Sr. K
2) Personalized Group Retreats

Invite your parish group, family unit, or group of friends to an outdoor retreat! This personalized retreat program can be created for 5 – 15 individuals.



Space is limited to 10 individuals

3) Overnight Retreats

The Mayan World in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is ideal for a 4 day retreat. We will host 2 retreats that will include 2 days for air travel and 4 days to meditate and visit Mayan Temples, white beach in Tulum, Cenotes, and cultural events. The first retreat will be in Spanish in September 2020 and the second retreat will be in English in May 2021. Inquire with Sr. Karla as registrations are limited to 10 individuals. Estimated cost per person is $750; this will include 5 nights at private residence, private transportation, tickets and tours to events and archeological sites, and two missionary sisters who will guide the group at all times. Each participant is responsible for his/her own flight expense.

Anyone can participate in these meditation experiences!
You do not need to be actively engaged in a parish, church, or faith-affiliated organization.

Contact us anytime if you are not sure which program is right for you.

Isn’t it time to return to the essential?
Let us support you
  • Venturing into a spiritual quest can be challenging & daunting.
  • We can help you by designing a Scripture-based retreat program which includes a personalized schedule, readings and prayer sessions.
  • You choose how much spiritual guidance you need, we are here to support you!
We are qualified to journey by your side
  • A Verbum Dei Missionary Sister will assist you before, during and after the retreat, as needed.
  • The 4 missionaries in Sacramento have over 20 years of meditation & contemplation experience, frequently guide retreats & accompany adults on their spiritual journeys.
Let’s get started, RSVP today:

By clicking above, you will be directed to a google form. Your responses will helps us begin your retreat preparation!



About Us:

Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera, VDMF, oversees these programs.

The Verbum Dei Missionaries in Sacramento are dedicated to spiritual growth programs, retreats, and prayer groups for adults, university students, and married couples.

The Verbum Dei Missionaries are a Catholic international pontifical institute of consecrated life and a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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